GeneralAire Elite Steam Humidifier - DS50

GeneralAire Elite Steam Humidifier is an investment that pays dividends everyday


We all have an investment in our health, homes and its furnishings. Protecting those investments from the dry air may not seem like an important task, but the effects of dry air are astounding:

  • Dry nose and throat

  • Itchy dry skin

  • Cracking of expensive woodwork and floors

  • Damage to household furnishings

  • Static electricity shocks that can damage computers, VCRs and other electronic equipment

  • Dry air pulls moisture from delicate membranes in your nose, throat and lungs and food doesn’t taste as good

  • Sleeping becomes difficult and your mental concentration is affected



Product Features:

  • For Home Sizes up to 10,000 Sq. Ft. (May vary with home construction, ceiling height and other factors)

  • 20% adjustable capacity from rated max output
  • Integrated smart monitoring drain pump assembly
  • Duct mount design with 12" stainless steel steam manifold
GFX50  On/Off/Modulating wall mount humidistat, 8' steam hose, 12" stainless steel manifold, air proving pressure switch, water fill connector, water supply tubing, GCV342 code valve and condensate hose Included
  • 230V – 1 phase

  • Self contained immersed electrode design
  • Disposable steam generating cylinder
  • High water level and foam detection monitoring
  • Drain Tempering
  • 20 Lbs/Hr
  • Capacities from 50 to 58 GPD
  • Integrated AHU fan relay for on demand humidification
  • LCD display with numerical and icon driven menu
  • Constant control monitoring and diagnostics
  • Pure sterile steam delivering premium indoor air quality
  • 2 Year Warranty



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