KeepRite® Heating and Cooling Products. Designed with homeowners in mind, this website offers you all the information you need to find the heat pump that is right for your home. Learn more about SEER ratings and ways to cut your home energy bill with KeepRite®  heat pumps. To find an air conditioners that delivers maximum energy efficiency and savings, select a unit with the highest SEER and HSPF rating.



C4H7 - STX+ - Two Stage, Two Speed Fan, 17 SEER

C4H5 - STX+ - Two Stage, Two Speed Fan, 15 SEER

CXH5 - SX2500 - Two Speed Fan, 14 SEER

C4H3 - SX2300 - Two Speed Fan, 13 SEER

NXH5 - Performance - 14 SEER

N4H3 - Performance - 13 SEER