Infrasave Gas Infrared Radiant Heaters

Luminous Heaters - IL Series

Engineered by the world leader in gas fired infrared heating equipment, the performance enhancing features of the IL Series luminous (high intensity) heater provide a quick return on investment. Exceptional infrared heat output yields economy of operation and improved work space comfort. Durable construction with no moving parts means years of low maintenance and trouble-free operation. Perfect for space and spot heating, the IL shines in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, aircraft hangars, loading docks, and sports arenas. With firing capacities from 21,500 to 200,000 Btuh and the best warranty in the industry.


Please check the product literature and provide us with required BTU and length to get the proper quotation. For convenience product specification and installation manual provides under product literature to review



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Product Literature
Provided information has been sourced from manufacture and are subjected to change without notice