Slimline Convex 32 - EFC32H Electric Fireplace


The Napoleon Slimline Convex 32 Electric Fireplace is the perfect addition to every room in the house to add that extra ambiance. A work of art in and of itself, you will wonder how you ever lived without its curvaceous beauty. The unit itself takes up little real estate. And save on your energy bill by heating the rooms up to 400 square feet, keeping the furnace at a lower setting. Mobile, versatile, hang easily, like a painting, the Slimline Convex 32 can also be recessed into the wall and hard wired to hide the cords. This product is a child friendly way to add a room-heating fireplace anywhere. Easy to use and easy to care for, the Slimline Convex 32 can change the mood of every living space.




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