Customer Service

If you are already our customer have any difficulty with your purchase, delivery or need to arrange for return and refound please provide the following information to our customer service at when applicable:

1. Name & contact phone number
2. Date of purchased or order
3. Make and model
4. Problematic condition and who diagnosed such condition
5. Was unit professionally installed?

We will try to help to correct the problem to the best of our ability and as quickly as possible, but we can only make decisions and or recommendations based upon the information you provide. So please be as concise and accurate as possible.

We appreciate your business, and will make every attempt to get you serviced in a timely fashion, should the unexpected need arise. But please bear in mind that we are not logistically located in your town. And while we will make every attempt to get you serviced, due to logistics, geography, seasonality, or availability of parts... this may not happen "immediately". Thanks in advance for understanding.

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