Air conditioning and heating equipment takes experience and the proper tools to ensure safe and proper functioning. Installation and start-up on all cooling and heating systems  require a proper certificate. Purchaser hereby assumes full responsibility for the safe and proper installation in accordance with applicable local code requirements.


The HVAC  equipments are not intended to be installed by anyone without the proper expertise, background, and certification. Have a certified professional to install the HVAC stuff regarding to region govern installation procedures and in accordance with applicable local code requirements. Tradeia cannot be held liable for damages, consequential or inconsequential, resulting from the installation or operation of equipment.


HVAC equipment like Furnaces, Fireplaces, Air Conditioners and so on should be installed by a person who has the proper expertise, license, and certification to do so. Additionally, having a licensed and certified installer does the work, will help insure years of trouble free operation.


Equipment manual should be followed up by the installer exactly, a fire or explosion may result causing property damage, personal injury or death. Customer will accept all risk for both installation and equipment selection.


Installers are certified in various disciplines related to heating and cooling without regard to brand. It may be helpful for the installer to know the brand but experienced techs pride themselves on knowing how to install all brands.


Tradeia is just supplier of HVAC product and is not involved in installation. We may able to refer certified installer in some area, also we are compiling a database of certified installers for future use. If your installer is licensed and you are satisfy with his/her work, please let Tradeia knows so can add his/her info to the database.

To check the certified installer availability in your area to refer,  please provide us with the postal code / Zip code.


Installation manual and specification information are available in the Tradeia website for further reference for those who like to learn more about them prior to order and delivery.


some of the brands we carry